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  • Scotty Davis is a Pastor, Mission Consultant, a Biblical Counselor and a Police Chaplain. Scotty is married to Kathy since 1974 and they have 4 children.
    Isaiah 49:6 tells the prophet he is to be a light to the nations, and so should each of us that know the grace of the Lord. This is indeed the greater task to which we should aspire. Isaiah was shortsighted and thought he was only a minister to the Hebrews but God said that task was ...Too Small A Thing... and that He would be a witness to the enitre earth. And so he wrote a book we read 2700 years later.

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April 29, 2015


Viola Palmer

One day in Leymus after moving rice across the Coco river. Jim, Rafael, Loyd and some of the boys were really hungrey. I found a little store and bought sardines. I found a lady that had some big rolls of bread and some warm orange soda. Loyd still remembers that as being a delicious meal.

Terry Don Shaw

I am trying to lose a few lbs. Thx for the plan and no bread will be VERY hard!

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